The French Team

Team 2017-2018

Damien Sonney

3-time participant at the French boule lyonnaise championships.

Audrey Vyt

French boule lyonnaise champion in precision shooting (under 18). French runner-up for doubles in F2. Several times French champion at elite women’s sports clubs and several times winner of the European Cup of sports clubs. European record-holder in relay shooting.

Cindy Royet

2-time French boule lyonnaise champion
5-time French boule lyonnaise runner-up.

Marc Pivard

14-time participant at the French boule lyonnaise championships.

The French lawn bowls team was born after the FFLB was created in 2016.We immediately participated in a big international competition: the European Championships of lawn bowls in Jersey (United Kingdom), held from 23 to 30 September 2017. We thank the French team, comprising boule lyonnaise performers, who gave it their best shot in this first international competition.

We also thank Le Coq Sportif for their partnership in providing the outfits of the French team. Our 2 French boule lyonnaise champions made quite a mark, and finished at number 12 of 16 in the women’s doubles.


Congratulations to the 4 competitors for this first participation and a thank you to Andy Thomson, the eminent world champion who helped the team prepare at the Wealden Bowls Club in London in August 2017.

We intend to participate in a major international competition every year. The goal of the French team is to progress each year to be part of the top 3 teams over the next 5 years. For this, we are training on the first bowling green installed in France, and hopefully soon in Lyon.