More than just a sport…
it’s a way of life

“Created in 2016, the FFLB’s ambition is to establish Lawn Bowls in France, with help from our “Bowls Social Club” labelled partners, in as little as 3 years!
Now, let’s not forget that lawn bowls is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life.”

Patrick DUVARRY, President of the FFLB

Last News

Another French “Revolution”

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The inauguration of the first lawn bowls field in France a “huge success”

On Saturday, June 2, 2018, Gary Collins (World Bowls Director for Europe), Patrick Duvarry (President of the French Federation of Lawn Bowls) and Véronique and Philippe Chevallier (Associate Directors of Domaine Les Ranchisses) inaugurated the first French bowling...

France on the Chinese bowling greens

International event France was present in China in the Asiatic lawn bowls Center (city of Huojia, Henan). It was an occasion for the vice-president of the FFLB, Bernard Champey (former boule lyonnaise world champion), and the technical director Claude Picollet to...

Our values


The FFLB is committed to full transparency toward the financial aspects and the achievement of its

Way of life

We want to foster the elegance of the game and the Social Club spirit of lawn bowls.


We are committed to understanding and respecting each other, different cultures and sporting practices in view of a sustainable process of cohesion.

Voluntary service

Our motto: “To serve others rather than to serve oneself”. Each member of the FFLB is a volunteer and is committed to contributing effectively to the achievement of our goals.

Mixed events

We encourage mixed team tournaments, with equal participation by women and men.

Competitive spirit

The FFLB wants to drive collective success, performance and selfimprovement.